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DJ Booth Interview w/ Crooked I (11/03/09)

Quote:As everyone knows, Crooked I is quite a busy guy these days with not only his solo career, but also being a full time member of the Slaughterhouse collective. Although he performs every night, the Long Beach veteran had a chance to participate in a full length interview.

In a brand new feature from, Crooked I gets a chance to sit down with DJ Z and discuss his most recent endeavors. Of course, the main topic of conversation was Crooked I's latest musical effort the Mr. Pig Face Weapon Waist EP. Not only is the origin of the project's title clearly revealed, but his motivation for releasing the project as well. Other topics discussed include Crooked I's long awaited full length debut album, Slaughterhouse's sophomore project, the digital music age, revitalizing the West Coast and so much more. Fans will not want to miss this in depth conversation as it is not only informative, but extremely funny as well. Make certain to check out the link included below to stream or read the interview in full.

Please make sure to support Crooked I's EP, by making a legitimate purchase. There has been several bootlegs floating around and it's important to support an artist who has released the majority of his work for free. We can assure all readers that they will not be disappointed with this latest effort. In the mean time, please keep it locked to The B.O.S.S. Board for additional Crooked I news updates.

good deal thanx bro  8)
Damn can't listen on iPhone FFS! Are they the same questions like every crooked interview boss etc!
(11-03-2009, 06:10 PM)DALJ link Wrote:Damn can't listen on iPhone FFS! Are they the same questions like every crooked interview boss etc!

Nope, it's a great interview, you should check it out.

There is a text version too, check it out by visiting the same link.
That was a pretty good interview. Is that Z from the D.O.C.?
Dope interview, but damn i dont want him to give away that boss album, he should release that shit anywayz.
dman nice shout out to the BB from crooked!
Really good interview.
yeah it was a good interview. the shyt that made me disgusting was hearing the same crap deals the labels be tryin to pull on artists. 360 deals. takin all the tour $ etc. crazy shyt.

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