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Crooked I - Deathrow Story
Artist: Crooked I
Song: Death Row Story
Produced by:
Appears On: -
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Yeah, everybody always asked me what the hell made me sign to Deathrow Records.
But I survived the draught nigga, it was a hustle move boy,
I got love for Suge, its a business I understand it completly.
I aint bitter cause my album didnt drop Im just my own boss now, you feel me?
I got fucked by other labels nigga, Virgin, hahaha,
With a name like virgin who thought they would ever fuck me!

Verse 1

They said you signed to Deathrow Crooked you was crazy,
but im all about my paper rout tell me who can blame me,
they told me not to sign with big simon, dude is shady,
I laughed at them, hopped in a mercades doing 80,
I never thought of doing Biz with tha row in tha past,
Till I was approached by Big C Style & Daz,
Was on Virgin with tha luniz but that didnt last,
Suge was locked up but I heard that he was giving cash,
I jumped on the plane for an hour
I hit the penetentry, discussed my contract under them gun towers,
I figured I'd move through this industry with thug power,
Im down to ryde I never been a young coward,
So now I rock a deathrow chain when I bell out,
Things aint the same, mayne, Suge and daz fell out,
Daz left, I stayed he called me a sell out,
I only stayed to get my records put the hell out.


Second Verse

Im still on Deathrow, cause I aint finished yet,
My nigga Daz, popping trash on tha internet,
I chose to feed my family, now the beef is in effect,
My homie strapped up and hit them wet cigerattes,
He said I couldnt come to the beach no more,
not knowing I lived in long beach the whole time that I was on deathrow,
Threatend to take my life, I said lets go,
I had the nine in my lap, ready to let go,
Before the gun flash I saw the blast vivid,
but I got love for Daz so I stopped at the last minute,
Caught him coming out of poly high and I was that with it,
Who took me to death row, Daz did it,
Alot of friends became foes, its deeper than people think,
When Suge got out of the clink we linked with Murder Ink,
Now I'm doing videos with Ashanti rocking the mink,
Gotti put me on when I was on the brink of being extinct,
And my stock roll swiftly, before Ja was at war with 50,
Before simon bought the black bentley,
Killerz in my hood was plotting to come get me,
I hope my album drop quickly, damn.


Verse 3

See this wasnt the first time I had to buy a gun,
I hit them streets as a baby, man I was riding young,
So now I shoot when the wind blow. I aint trying to run,
I slept with my Bible open on psalms 91,
I had to cut my bushes down so nobody can hide in em,
Its killerz who hate the row and I collide wit em,
So Crooked I's keepin them  chrome 45's wit em,
Caught a gun case and went to jail cos I ride wit em,
And everybody I started out with in this industry,
looks at me like an enemy when I enter the vacinity
Only a hand full of real niggaz was friends to me,
While ya'll was hating on me endlessly,
I seen Makaveli's ashes it remains in the Urn,
Pac taught us something, when will we learn, learn?
My dead homies never see me shinning, get my turn,
Im trying to teach you something, when will you learn, learn?


It aint all about that bullshit, its about money niggaz,
We suppose to be getting this money,
Daz Dillinger you need to holler at me,
Snoop doggy dogg remember on the east side of chucky millers studio
When we was freestyling to murder was the case instrumentals?
When nucc dogg brought you thru,
He told Big C Style if he wanted to make it in this game he needed to fuck with me,
Lets not forget that mayne,
We all need to sit at the round table and discuss this money,
But who am I? Me and Suge need to sit at the round table and discuss this money,
But who am I? haha, YOU KNOW WHO I AM.

Hook repeats to fade.

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