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More From HipHopDX & Crooked I - Slaughterhouse, Tour & More (01/09/10)

Quote:Crooked I Speaks on Next Slaughterhouse LP, Tour & More
01.09.10  |  by Andres Tardio

After releasing one of the most anticipated albums of last year and dropping a touted debut with Slaughterhouse, fans seemed poised for a second album from the group. Now, they are heading overseas before they unveil their second album to the masses. HipHopDX caught up with Crooked I to speak on the crew's next project and their European tour.

As some may know, the first Slaughterhouse album was completed in a time crunch. The group really turned it around in a short time due to those time constraints. Now, they are poised to take some more time with this next effort, something Crooked feels may help. He also said he'd like more "introspective" cuts on the album, somewhat like "Rain Drops."

"I just think that first Slaughterhouse album, there was a time factor. But, I think we were so happy and revived in our careers that we were like a machine. We went in there knocked joints out. Now, we’ve grown together even closer and we know how we work. I think it’s going to be a step higher, without a doubt."

"I’d like to get some introspective joints, some more personal joints," he said when he was asked what he'd like to hear on it. "My vote would be a couple more of those types of joints. It’s going to be way more addictive than the first one."

Assuring us that his bags were already packed for Europe, Crooked said he's excited about the upcoming tour.

“We got a lot of fans over there who hit us on Twitter, MySpace and things like that. They’ve been asking for Slaughterhouse to go out there. It’s an opportunity to connect with them so I’m ready. I’m ready, man. My bags are already at the door.”

When asked how European audiences differ from US fans, he said folks in the States may just be getting spoiled.

"I think we get a little spoiled over here. I find myself being spoiled, too. Since it started in the states and we watched it go through so many different stages, sometimes we might not have the same excitement that some of the dudes from overseas got. But, overseas, I see a whole lot of excitement. You got dudes that’s still over there hanging upside down on the side of buildings writing graffiti and stuff. You got all these people break dancing. They’re true to it over there. Some of the fans out here can learn from them. [I say] some of the fans because we still have die hard Hip Hop fans out here. Don’t get it twisted. But, it’s refreshing to go out there and see how they’re expressing the culture."

2010 has a lot in store for Crook, with a new album Million Dollar Story coming up and the SH project in store. He's also working with NBM.

“I’m also a part of a company called NBM, Nothing But Music. We’re focusing on putting music in films and in TV. We’re about to have a launch party for that on the 15th of January at Minx in Glendale, California. So, just watch your boy in 2010. I’m trying to grow out here. I’m sticking true to the term hustler.”

Finally, we spoke on the Internet presence he touched on in part one of this interview. He added that the net has been good to him.

"It’s helped me, man. Sometimes it may be a double edged sword. Sometimes, you might get bootlegged but you’re going to have piracy. You’re never going to have to get rid of piracy. The internet is a great tool for me; it has been.  I owe a lot to your site, you know what I’m saying? So, I would never complain about the internet. I absolutely love it."
in the news on the front page there is no bonus link effex.
(01-09-2010, 04:32 PM)shaffaaf27 link Wrote:in the news on the front page there is no bonus link effex.

Good call!

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