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[Album] Horseshoe Gang - "Ghetto CARtunes"

As we await the release of the debut album from Family Bvsiness, a new super group consisting of KXNG Crooked and the Horseshoe Gang, the Circle of Bosses conglomerate has unveiled something special to hold fans over.

Ghetto CARtunes, the highly anticipated project from the Horseshoe Gang, is now available for purchase online. The album includes 15 all new songs including the hard hitting single Food Fight. The Shoe Gang is holding nothing back on this one and listeners are going to want to keep it locked in rotation for the rest of the summer.

Fans who are interested in checking out the album can purchase a copy online through the Horseshoe Gang’s official Bandcamp page. Those who are feeling the music are encouraged to stay tuned for the upcoming Family Bvsiness release as well!

Track List

1) Intro (Skit)
2) Bang Bang Bang
3) HomeGrown Radio (Chuck Dizzle Interlude)
4) Food Fight
5) Date A Black Girl
6) Better Than A Dyke
7) House Keys
8) Drama
9) Fuck A MumbleRap Nigga
10) Than You Bitch
11) Rap Jodecci (Interlude) feat. Supa Bean
12) Gimme That
13) JoFa
14) I Deserve Heaven
15) Lyrical Gang Bang Life

Purchase: Ghetto CARtunes (Bandcamp)
Follow: @horseshoegang
I'll give it a spin when I get the chance, but I am not really rushing to. The HSG releases over the last couple of years have been really bland and watered down, just a pale comparison to their first couple of albums/mixtapes. Yes, the punchlines are still there, but nothing remarkable sadly. I am pretty much looking forward to the Family Business album just for Crook's verses

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