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Crooked I - "Backfire (Freestyle)"

Quote:While the world prepares for the release of Crooked I's debut album Million Dollar Story, The Boss of the West continues to build momentum as he records his third freestyle in a period of two weeks.

On Crooked I's latest freestyle, we find the Slaughterhouse monster dropping rhymes over the instrumental to Mutemath's Backfire. Interestingly enough, Crooked I decided to slow the beat down in a chop and screwed fashion and further push his creativity to another level. As usual, Crooked I delivers a cutting edge flow as he sends warning shots to all those who oppose the Circle of Bosses movement. Make certain to check out this track by using the download link or music player included below.

If you are interested in listening to Crooked I's previous freestyles, please sign up to our forum and visit our "Music" section. Additionally, stay up to date with Crooked I's latest work by following him on his official Twitter page. As always, please keep your browsers pointed towards The B.O.S.S. Board for further updates regarding Crooked I and The Circle of Bosses.

Crooked is on some crazy shit! 
Damn it makes me want the album even more. haha
fuckin dope, on repeat for the next week

Crooked never releases wack shit, hes too good.
That was sick
I'm listening to this as i type....Let's see what the General got......

COB is my religion and I put it on the Bible,
G.O.D is my Shepard and I got my own disciples,
Challenge Us in these Last days,
I flip you quick as diesel
hittin a motorcycle ???
wit my loaded rifle
no more vitals
I ain't talking to Ellen or Perez
********* I'm homocidal
Leave Em dead on arrival,
The most resilient and brilliant rapper, i won the title,
plus I'm a local idol,
Leeches make song about me, then they backfire
,try to suck the blood out my buzz..Fuccn vampires..
Screwing witcha career is just like fuckin vampires,
its already did, its that wack shit you run by us,
Maybe i am biased, I think I'm the best,
maybe my compass is broken, and I just think I am the West,
Maybe for every verse that I spit I put that ink on my flesh,
and be a testament for everything i think when I rest
Yes, may I fade em, my songs be superb,
Hit the ghetto with some verbs,
and cross over like A.I. made em
I'm so ahead of my time I gotta turn my clock back
when I rock so everyday is daylight savings,
i cast a humongous shadow, rappers living in it,
I kill you in seconds, Why? cuz its been a minute
since i slay an independent or major lyricist,
ypu want it? here it is, you get offended, splendid,
when did Crooked give a fuck?
Homie, I'm outspoken
but i don't shit on everybody dawg, i'm house broken,
that mean you gotta be worth it,
I beg you niggas pardon,
you only rhymin words, we did that shit in kindergarten,
I'm breathing fire, my lungs look like i lit a carton of camels,
took consecutive breaths, and started spittin' carbon
you couldn't be more vagina is you was in a womb,
its bass in the booth but my skills need a bigger room,
and i know cops want the scoop on a killa goon,
couldn't get the scoop if they brought reese with her spoon,
Either I'm the best or a damn liar,
Haters plan to stop me, but they plan backfire!!!

(****=couldn't catch those few words)

C.O.B. WS A2 CLA$$IC 8)

The B.O.S.S. board goes hard!!!

Crook is on Some Pac shit ahhhhhhhh!!!!! C.o.B
Crooked is the man!
Finally, Crooks Droppin' Music I like again ahaha this and fireflies I like, the rhyming on this one especially, Fireflies is good but its more the beat and Crooks off key singing that personally keeps me coming back for more

Dope Track all around here
 Defective Crooked I Robot
yeah dope as usual, damn can´t wait for the album man.

effex did you get my pm?

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