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Say You Ill Lyrics
Say You Ill Lyrics

Hey yo we takin niggas shine Swift like Kanye.

We comin straight ill, without a great deal, so niggas appreciate the free display of great skills. If this was the NBA then I would be in the game Phil. This aint a fake orgasm, nah I came real. I got them Drake skills but on some G shit. I got them Jay skills but on some COB shit. I got them 'YE skills but on some W E shit to the ST now let's see what he spit. I live backwards, I'm evil, mother fucker believe you, me D, is lethal. Turn evil around and now if you can read you can see that I'm live, suprise I'm fend to creep. You live without the V, we don't believe you, your skill is a lie so I'm coming to reap you. 'Ey Ok F the V now that's life, nah that spells death when I posses the mic. Listen I switch it. I'm ruining you and your crew when I'm spewing this sewage, who is this foolish and who is this stupid and goonish. It's D, been chewing niggas since a truant nigga, spitting fluid fluently, subduing a slew of niggas. Spit despicable, sick and wicked rituals, eating bitches like clits, chicks get a licking too. Nigga the flu, sick as who?If it's you that's the sickest, I sicken you, if your different your sniffing glue.

Y'all mother fuckers still breathin, you ought to be thankful, I'll raise my arms up to you as if I'm trying to embrace you, but I'm trying to erase you, I'm trying to deface you, trying to see how many shots can go inside of your facial. My flow is ingenious, every bar is brilliant, call it complex like an apartment building. Guard your children the gunner's on the loose, act up I'll put them fuckers on the news. Act up I'll throw your cousin from the roof, put your lover on my tool, have you awake from the slumber until your mother's in the noose. Who fuckin with the U, there's no clique that's sicker, nigga play camera man and get the picture. This is the COB we skate with them ratchets, none of them is stingy we may let you have it, either give us cake or get placed in the baggage, your choice, choose nigga, paper or plastic.

Check it my flow is infected, I need to get it tested. No question when wreckin I gettin more pussies than erections. As street as intersections, ruder than interjecting, and when the weapon pops squares will fall as if this is Tetris. My aim as quick as an instant message, hit you in seconds, with Wessons, in Tex(as) I'm Pistol Pete. We raisin the bar, like we bench pressin, cause we sick as inscesting, men sexing when pressing pen in sheets. I'm a loony goon, unruly, a mooley whom, move with the shoe platoon, act stupid my tooley boom, once I draw it and shoot it as if I'm filming Looney Toons. My shots fly for miles I could put a bullet through the moon. Like I got them in awe I'm leaving them breathless, I'm on some rockin your necklace after poppin my tec shit. Like driving over a cliff I'm on some ride to the death shit, that pulling your head back 'til your spine pop through your neck shit. Who want to mix and mingle with the sick and twisted Siegel? I'm mister lethal, I'll leave with Noel like a Christmas jingle. My spittin's evil, people know that I got a gift like Kringle, so it's easy to get chicks to blow me like a vicious single. Keep metal on me call me man of steel, I'm Superman, bring tools to your apartment as if I'm your super (man). Hit you when I spark it, have your body fecal from your physical to your carpet, that's my way of moving grams. Even if your holding toasters, don't approach us, or get fucked up like you on mimosas, no longer sober. We present nooses to losers, that's how we show the ropes to, pricks who's tryin to be hard, eventhough we know they chocha. Ryder like Winona, I'll explode my toasters, once I raise my arms as if I'm on a coaster, roller, I roll up, In a Rover, and get out of Range, watch how quick these niggas get out of range. Cause they know i keep steel (still) like I'm taking pictures. I'm sicker than taking flicks of your naked sister, I'm baby Hitler. Test me and get wasted like you drunk a case of liquor, but I told you like sculptors we all about making figures. Fuck the fame, to me the fame don't appeal, don't think we will get change? Then your brain's on some pills. We're here to change the game, the game's gonna kill, just leave it to us as if our name's on your will. And I aint tryin to hear the weird shit you queers spit, I'll punch you while your rapping on some studio engineered shit. Only way to not know I'm deaf is if you can't hear shit.....

Yo, Yo, Yo. COB easy Siegel god damn.

Fuck, trying to let these niggas know man.

I mean I know man. Fuck don't kill em like that though. God damn, shit. Man I didn't even get to rap on this bitch. Damn, it's all good though. Yea, COB easy!

Has to be one of my favorite HSG tracks. Siegel goes in like a mother fucker on this one.
Hell yeah !! Sigel was a beast that just one stop !!
Nice work my man , tho u gotta start writin' em in bars lol jk

Seriously, keep it up
This ma shyt dey all go off!!!
and bruh Dice Dinero says "stingy" not "thangy"...much luv I know dis shyt took time
Fixed it. Thanks.

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