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Big Shout outs
I frequent this board as much as I can and have come to develop a great appreciation for all the members of the boss community. Thanks for keeping the movement alive and vibrant, and for keeping the good music coming. I especially wanna thank Effex for the work and dedication he has put forward. He has proved himself to be a vital component to the relay of information, music and news we receive and discuss here in this forum.

Anyways, just thought I'd come in here and introduce myself. Thanks everyone C.O.B
Appreciate all the support!
Yeah good shit effex you do a hell of a job on this website this is my first stop when i get online checkin in on the movement. Shout to all the board members who get on here and show support and give their opinions and not clown on or diss other peoples, keepin it positive . It was good to meet a couple other boardmembers holdin it down at the portland show too. Lets keep this goin 2010 and beyond is ours!  C O B BABY! (Crooked voice Lol)

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