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Crooked I Address "New West VS Old West" In OCS Interview

Quote:It was announced in March that Crooked I would be participating in a project called Respect Past Due 2010 (RPD20X), which is masterminded by the OCS (Orange County Syndicate) production team.

Recently, the OCS crew was able to sit down with Crooked I and discuss the ongoing rivalry between the "New West" and "Old West". The Long Beach legend breaks down the mentality of upcoming and established emcees and explains where his own career stands. Furthermore, Crooked I explains that he is the founder of the "New West" movement and speaks on unreleased music to support this fact. We do not want to give away the entire interview, so please check it out in full by using the media player included below.

Additionally, fans can hear a short snippet from Crooked I's appearance on the RPD20X project in OCS's new interview. Please continue to follow The B.O.S.S. Board for further information regarding this upcoming record and the Circle of Bosses in general.

thanx brother checkin it outs
Haven't seen that clip before.  Thanks for posting Effex.
Yo Stingyboi what video is that clip from?????
The one as your signature??
Choke Down On The Grip

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