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Rhyme Asylum's 2nd Album "Solitary Confinement" is HERE !!
You read the subject !!
Crooked did a song with these British cats and it's on the album as well !!
The sickest hip-hop group I've heard so far [PERIOD] !!
You can order the album on !!

Peep this out to get a taste !!


Lines like:
invincible, second to none .. puttin' out lit cigarettes with my tongue !!
i sleep with my 3rd eye open !!
i don't hold microphones .. i close my eyes and tell the mic to float with my (mic) control !!
exit earth climbin' lightnin' bolts !!
i strangle my Siamese twin with the umbilical cord !!
without RA (Rhyme Asylum), there's no way you can spell RAW !!
we perfected the ART , you perfected the ARTIFICIAL !!

I'm telling y'all , whoever is sleepin' on these dudes, has to be thrown in a dumpster LOL !!

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