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Jon Scudder TV Interviews Crooked I (Video)

Quote:Recently Crooked I and the Circle of Bosses attended the Dancing With The Stars birthday-bash event at Haute Night Club in West Hollywood, California. While on the red carpet, Crooked I was able to take some time out and speak on upcoming releases from the Slaughterhouse collective.

Upon Crooked I's arrival, William Brown of Jon Scudder TV was able to catch up with the Long Beach legend and ask him about Slaughterhouse's current endeavors. Crooked I explains that the group is currently focused on recording their sophomore release and each member has their own solo projects scheduled for the near future. The conversation also includes discussion on the current state of the West Coast and Hip Hop in general. Please check out the interview in full by using the media player included below.

If you are interested in checking out past interview from Crooked I, please visit our news archives. In the mean time, keep it locked to The B.O.S.S. Board for further updates.

what ever happened to the hip hop weekly in the guiness book of world records? any1 know?
^^ he said he didnt wanna do it know even have a clue of why the fuck he didnt do it, but he said we was gonna do some other crazy shit, probably Dream Tapes... which we never will hear
LOL hors d'oeuvres. crook always gunning for the food
lol cool interview. Cant wait for that Slaughterhouse album, im already gettin excited. haha
Did he say its going to be called Slaughterhouse 2? cause thats a weak title
they are so creative they should name it different

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