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Chipmunk got ripped
not available and no details, wtf r u on about??
well unless you know who chipmunk is, or follow the UK grime/hiphop scene you would really get it.

Ps click on the actual video itll open up properly, i guess i mucked up inserting it.

lowkey (one of the best lyricsts to breath on the mic IMO)  ripps him apart. chipmunk is the epitomy of a superb underground rapper hitting mainstream, and dciding to jump to pop asap, even though grime got him to the mainstream.

crooked I fans are normally nutters for the illuminati, so imortal technique and lowkey should be on top of their lists to listen to about those kind of matters, hes very intelligent.
lowkey is hard, best english rapper since K-lash ur russclat neck off! Fuck Bubblegum shit chew dat n spit dat out! CoB till its Over
It's all about Griminal!
take off me slipper, give a parental beating.
Gutless diva with a tough demeanour
How does it feel to be the uks justin bieber
I liked Chipmunk when he put out"Who Are You" and "Muhammed Ali" and "beast" aswell i suppose but when it comes to Grime Devlin is the best

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