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[Music] KXNG Crooked - "96 GS" (Hip Hop Weekly 2019 Week 1)

It has been over a decade since KXNG Crooked started his Hip Hop Weekly series and arguably changed the face of the online Rap game. Now, after much anticipation, the West Coast legend has relaunched the series and is already taking the Internet by storm.

On the first installment of his new series, KXNG Crooked starts off 2019 properly by raising the bar once again with a cinematic onslaught of rhymes that is sure to have fans locked in each and every week. On the new Dizz produced record 96 GS, Crooked blacks out as he re-introduces listeners to the flow that shook up the Hip Hop community over ten years ago. Simply put, if this is what he’s blessing us with on Week 1, we can only imagine what “Mr Weekly” has in-store for the weeks and months to come!

Fans are encouraged to check out KXNG Crooked’s new Weeklys series each and every week exclusively through Spotify. Please also make sure to hit that “follow” button to ensure that you don’t miss a single installment going forward.


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