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#OkBye Tee
man i ordered the combo pack with planet cob and the shirt and i still havent got it, i havent heard any songs from it yet cuz i dont wana ruin it with shitty mp3 quality.  effex do you know if these are shipped out yet?
Does anyone know where I can order the Ok Bye Tee?... I can't seem to figure out where to order it from?!
JewelLeigh, it used to be on Crookeds official website in the "STORE"

But as of recent, the shirts disappeared. This could be because of one of many reasons:

1)sold out
2) Crookeds had enough of complaints because of Gracie fucking up shipments and major delay and what not
3) could be working on fixing the store like adding a whole bunch of more apparel which will all be released soon

Speaking on this topic, I asked Crooked a question on his site for his Monthly Fan Interview about expanding his online store with more apparel and stuff so I hope he answers to clarify the situation with his online store
As far as the shirts go, I DID hear at one point that they did sell out. However, I believe they'll be re-upping eventually.

As far as brand new apparel goes... Crooked has a brand new line in the works. Be on the look out for that. If you did ask that question, I'm sure he'll address it, that's been something that they've been talking about a lot.

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