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Crooked I Interview w/ Emcee TV @ Magic Marketplace
(08-28-2010, 03:05 PM)Episcop DOC Cvrle link Wrote:Let Me Buy You A Drink is amazing for a video. I have tons of ideas.

what would that be? sort of like the Slaughterhouse boygroup video? lol .... you aint been getting my txt's bro??
Crookeds own clothing line? Jesus fucking wept dominic, try concentrating on going at least wood before involving yourself with another hairbrained scheme.
Let Me Buy You A Drank could be an amazing music video, just Crook and this girl sitting at a bar talking and exchanging drinks and then it shows visuals of there situation as there explaining it. I hate Everythang, horrible song
fuck a video for everything. Music is my life.

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