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[Music] KXNG Crooked - "Pain Away" (The Weeklys 10)

It has now been ten weeks since KXNG Crooked re-launched the Hip Hop Weekly series, which is now simply known as The Weeklys, and the West Coast boss is still going strong. On his latest installment, the Boss decides to take a break from chopping off heads with powerful bars and slows things down a bit.

KXNG Crooked takes an introspective approach on Week 10’s Pain Away which features a remixed version of 2 Pac’s Pain instrumental produced by none-other-than Dizz. Crooked pours his heart out on this one and touches on everything from is very public battle with alcohol addiction to the loss of his grandmother. While Crook has always been known for his lyrical prowess, he has never been afraid to open up in his music and that has surely allowed fans to connect with his story even further.

As always, those who are interested in checking out the latest chapter of KXNG Crooked’s The Weeklys series are encouraged to visit Spotify. Please also be sure to click “Follow” while you are there and take a moment to check for any previous installments that you may have missed over the past few weeks.


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