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Registrations Disabled / Community Upgrade
What's good everyone?

As you have probably noticed, the activity in the fan community has been rather quiet as of recently other than the bombardment of spam bots and such. Due to this activity, we are temporarily closing registrations at this time until a solution is sorted out.

I would also like to announce that I am researching some new methods to integrate the main blog and this fan forum together. I have never been a fan of splitting the community apart through website users and forum users. Over the coming weeks and months I plan to make big changes to unify and update the website in a way that will encourage user interaction.

With new projects from Family Bvsiness and the recently revamped Weeklys series, this is a time that we should be celebrating the Circle of Bosses movement and I'd like to create an outlet for fans to do so outside of social media.

With that all being said, if you are interested in signing up for the forum while these changes are being developed on the back end, please utilize the contact form on this website or hit us up on Twitter and we'll be happy to add our account.

Additional information should be coming in the next few weeks. 

Stay tuned!
Now that's some good news finally, lol! Looking forward to see how this works out, but I've got a really good feeling about it
Yeah man, I am as frustrated about the Spam bots as everyone else. Sit tight, I have been working on some stuff on the back-end. Looking for a good solution for us. Hoping to try out some new features in the next few weeks.
By the way, I am going to ATTEMPT administrator confirmed registrations this week while I continue to work towards a solution. If it doesn't work out, I am blocking sign ups again.

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