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Damn what happened to this place?
Yo fellas,

What the hell happened in here? There is hardly any activity these days, are people bored of Crooked now?
(05-05-2019, 06:59 AM)The V Wrote: Yo fellas,

What the hell happened in here? There is hardly any activity these days, are people bored of Crooked now?

I haven't been active in years, I lost track of him with the name change. My last login here was April 2016 and I only came back to try to get the original HHW series. ?
Multiple reasons really:

1. There just isn't much happening around Crook these days, that's why. New releases are so-so and his Crook's corner talks are not really too interesting to me.

2. His new fans are fickle, anyone discovering him now only follows the new material, not many people bother going back and retracing everything he has dropped over the span of his career.

I remember when I first started collecting this was the only (and the best!) place to come to for all the information. Good times, good times.

3. Even if people did take interest in his old and rare material, most of the OGs are long gone, so not many people have those tracks.

On that note, @effex & the rest of the OGs around.... I've been thinking about starting a youtube channel where we can upload rare & unreleased stuff for easy access to those tracks if anything else. Far less likely to lose something if it's put up on youtube. What do you think? I don't really have the time to sustain something like this on my own, so maybe a group effort?
I appreciate you guys dropping through and keeping the forum alive. I could probably do my part a little better by updating the site more often, but I must admit I have been extremely busy with my full time job these days.

I think that there are probably several factors that play a part in activity around here. I'm sure that one of the big changes would be when Crooked adopted the KXNG Crooked moniker and then began releasing the "Good Vs Evil" series. I think a lot of the long time fans remember Crook's early days when he had a more "traditional" West Coast sound and his style was more raw and focused on bars. However, I think that to stay relevant and with the times, Crooked has grown. Not just as an artist, but I'm sure as a person as well. We can't fault the man on that.

I admit, my favorite era of Crooked's music is probably Death Row through the Hip Hop Weekly series and Slaughterhouse. I appreciate his return with the Weeklies series and can see that the fire is still there and that he's proving that he's still a force to be reckoned with.

As far as SuperSpider's idea, it's a great one. Unfortunately, we all knew the day would come when the music hoarders would start falling off the face of the map, lol. As they do, classic gems are being lost and will never be heard from again. It is really unfortunate. The fact is that the joke is on most of these people as we move into a new era of Hip Hop. As time goes on less and less people will be willing to spend the "big money" that they wanted to get from holding these songs. So, in my personal opinion, put it out there now before it's lost forever.

As far as the site goes, as long as there is interest, I will keep it running. Please try to be patient with updates, I'm MUCH busier these days than I used to be. I will make an effort to be more active though!

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