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Eminem ft Dr.Dre - I Need A Doctor (prod by Alex Da Kid) RadioRip
crazy music leakin lately....
em been grinding.
Hell yeah, pretty sick song. Em and Dre definetly have a Bromance going on haha
Better quality I think:
sounds like some detox futuristic shit!  I cant wait for a better quality version to leak, this one is too crackily on the chorus
The track is insane!

It's been a great week for music so far!
this track is absolutely insane, and im not a fan of dre's music in fact im probably  more of a hater, but what is it with the 2 songs with em n royce n now this song with dre and the quality being so bad? i dont like the 2 songs with royce but thats simply because i dont like royce as a rapper or as a person to be honest i think his to cocky for his own shoes,,, that last bit is my own opinion and i know 99% of use will not agree but thats just me

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