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Crooked I Opens Up About Shooting To MTV (03/03/09)
Crooked I is changing up some of his music, as well as how he navigates in the streets. The apparent target of an attempted murder on Friday (February 27) in Long Beach, California, the MC wants to let all his fans know that despite rumors to the contrary, he's "good."

"Just reliving for the past couple of days, it's just been flashing in my mind over and over," Crooked revealed to MTV News, speaking in detail for the first time about the incident. "I don't know if it was somebody trying to get at me personally, or somebody was ... I don't wanna say ... set me up."

The former Death Row Records artist said he was trying to do what he normally does — grant the request of a fan — when he almost lost his life.

"Say you're walking down the street. Some dude comes up to you with a camera phone and he's like, 'Can you give a shout-out?'" Crooked explained. "You're like, 'OK,' and you're shouting the dude out. Three seconds later, somebody is shooting at you. Was dude [with the camera phone] trying to get me to stand still? Was he in on it? Was it a coincidence? I don't know. Mentally I had to fall back for a couple of days. I've been in those situations where people take shots or whatever. I'm relaxed around the hip-hop fans. I'm a very accessible dude. When dude came up and was like, 'Can you give me a shout out?' I'm like, 'Cool, what do you want me to say?' Three seconds later, I hear a noise. I [was] so far removed from the fact it can be gunshots. Then I turn around and see sparks. That's strange."

That's where Crooked stops detailing the story — he refuses to elaborate on whether the assailants' bullets actually struck him. "Where I'm from, certain things you can't talk about. It's illegal to our code and how we live."

Crooked did say that he's definitely looking forward to expressing himself through his craft, making more of what he calls "life music" — meaning everyone from all walks of life will relate to it.

"I'm gonna say real things today," he declared. "That's where my focus is. I wanna leave a body of work behind, man, that matches a Biggie, that matches a Pac. God is good. I need that body of work that has the potential to change — not the world, but a couple of people. Two, three, four million. One million. I don't care if it's only one person."

Outside the booth, though, there's a distinct chance that Crooked won't be touching as many people as he did before. At least for now.

"It just really opens your eyes, man that I'm too accessible," he said about how the shooting incident has changed him. "I'm not this rap star walking around with 30 bodyguards. I gotta really reevaluate the way I move around. I have to reevaluate that. They caught me slippin'. The first shot I didn't even think it was a gunshot. That's how relaxed I was. I thought, 'What was that?' Somebody blew a horn, that's the only reason I turned around. You have to change your life. I gotta change my movement. They're not gonna see so much of Crooked I in the hood by himself. That right there is out the door, period. Some people may not like it. At this point, I don't give a damn, because it's my life."

Crooked is currently working on a solo album, as well as group LP with a collective called Slaughterhouse. That group also consists of Joell Ortiz, Joe Budden and Royce Da 5'9". The album in the works with Bishop Lamont and Glasses Malone, No Country for Old Men, has been put on hold for now.
Crook homie u got a motherfuckin army behind u!!! Fuck these haterz!!! just glad dat your alive & kicking, plus it sounds like 2 much of a coincidence 4 dis cunt 2 stop u n den 3 secs later gunshots, all i gotta say is jealously is a wanker n 2 many haterz out here dnt wanna see u shine. Imagine crook dying without releasing no offical album ahhhh thats a sin! C.o.B 4 Life
Crooked better get some goons around him
I think we can all support Crooked I in his decisions to lay low and change up his style a little bit. The important thing is that he's still here with us.
damn thas depressing
Kind of glad "No Country For Old Men" is being put on hold though, we really didn't need that right now.
I can't tell if it's MTV's writing saying Crooked I is going to switch his style up or he said that.

Some crazy shit though Sad I'd put money that he got shot, and isn't saying anything.

Wish him the best though, and a speedy recovery.
crooked sounds shook up from the situation but doesn't seem like he got shot i think hes just stressing on how someone from the west would maybe "put a hit on him" but he aint sure if it was planned or it was just a situation that he was at the wrong place at the wrong time type of deal. i think he just needs to think about the situation and adjust his game to where it was or even better then it was so he can go even harder and i think he will crook was and is the doopest dude in the game today and if he lets this situation go by him we can definently expect a huge boost from him

The fucking video is not viewable to people outside the sates!  Can anyone put it up here?

Crooked I needs to lay low and get everything in perspective.  This could have really turned him against the fans but its cool to see that he ain't taking it like that.  I think the idea of Crooked I rolling solo through the LBC is crazy to start off with and now coz of this i think he'll be with the homies a lot more now.  >Sad

This reminds me of the turning point in Pac's career when he went to jail.  Although Crooked's life is more important than anything, from a musical side, it may elevate him and push his ambition even more to succeed and get his music out.  I hope it does.  8)

Anyone notice that Crooked I was draped in Dodger Blue AKA Crip Blue for this interview??
Never seen Crook rep Crib that blatantly before, or am i looking for something that ain't there??  :-\

Peace out homies, C.O.B 4 Life!

Get well Crooked!
Glad to see him address the situation, and glad he's ok.  Real quick, does it look to anyone else like he lost a lot of weight???

As far as the music goes, in my opinion this could be a big positive.  My favorite Crooked I songs are the ones where he speaks about "life music", and gets deep into things people relate to.  I think it's terrible that this happened to him, but if something good comes from it, then maybe in the long run it was worth it.  What do you all think?

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