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Knoc-Turn'al Interview w/ (12/09/10)

Quote:Knoc-turn’al is releasing his new album, Knoc’s Ville, on January 11, 2011. We got the chance to ask him a few questions about the album, an upcoming mixtape, and more. Read the interview after the jump.

What up Knoc.. How’s everything going?

I’m pretty good. I can’t complain because God is good.

Most people probably know who you are and that you have worked a lot with Dr. Dre, Eminem, Snoop Dogg, and other major artists. But maybe you can give us a short little introduction of yourself for our younger visitors?

I started ghostwriting for Dre. in 1998 I would say. We began working on the Chronic 2001. I ended up writing a lot of verses and hooks for that album and I vocally appear on four songs. Of course that’s “Bang Bang,” “Light Speed,” “Some L.A. Niggas” and “The Watcher.” From there I continued ghost writing for a lot of people. I wrote a track for Warren G on his Return Of The Regulator album. I wrote the first ever DJ Quik and Dr. Dre collaboration “Put It On Me” me for The Training Day soundtrack. I also wrote for Xzibit and Dr. Dre on Xzibit’s single “Symphony In X Major” on his Man Vs. Machine album.

Of course I wrote half The Wash soundtrack album that came out on Aftermath. I was on the first single that was a smash “Bad Intentions” with Dr. Dre, I did the hook of course. I had my own solo record on that soundtrack “Str8 West Coast” produced by Dr. Dre. And like I said, I wrote a bunch of tracks for that soundtrack.

I then did the first single off The Transporter film and soundtrack, “Muzik” produced by Kanye West. It was the first ever hip-hop record to get a Beatles sample cleared. I put out an EP in 2002 L.A. Confidential Presents: Knoc-turn’al a six song demo. It featured Dr. Dre, Missy Elliot, Kanye West, Warren G, Xzibit, Nate Dogg, Too $hort and others.

In 2003 I helped bring Ice Cube and the Westside Connection back with there first single back together “Lights Out.” I was on the chorus of course.

I came back two years later with “The Way I Am” single and album with my cousin Snoop Dogg. I’ve sold millions and millions of records with all that stuff together of course. Then the WEA merger happened, long story short, Lyor Cohen let me walk obligation free and I’m very thankful to him for that. I signed to Treacherous Records in 2005 and have spent the last multiple years refining my sound and keeping my family together. That’s the Dr. Dre way (laughs). Finally though, I just put out a mixtape called 1.11.11 The Prequel because we have my new album Knoc’s Ville dropping January 11.

Knoc’s Ville will be out on January 11?

Yes, January 11 is the date.

What type of music can we expect from you on the album?

West coast music of course. I’m born and bred out here, Long Beach City. Dr. Dre taught me to never abandon my roots and I don’t plan on doing that anytime soon. Of course it’s an updated sound. I’m a different kind of west coast emcee. I think my album can help bring the west coast the new sound we so desperately need. Especially with my new single “If U Wanna” featuring my label mate K-Young. Will be debuting that record very soon. That’s a banger right there. Club and radio is gonna’ love it.

I heard the first single would be a track called “I’ve Been Here For Years?”

“I’ve Been Here For Years” is like a street single to remind them I’m back. That’s got Crooked I on it of course. This is who I am and what I’ve done by the way. Not to be cocky but I have a resume. This record is to refresh the memory of those who forgot what I’ve done in this industry and for the west coast specifically. “If U Wanna” featuring K-Young is more like the radio single. We didn’t even service “I’ve Been Here For Years” to radio stations or anything. Will be servicing “If U Wanna” like a real single.

What kind of single is it a club type of single or harder hip hop?

“If U Wanna” is definitely a club single but it’s still good music. I didn’t sell out or sell my soul for some money. This is good music right here. I’m a student of Dr. Dre so you know I know good music. I got some hard hip-hop on there though. I got this one record with Jayo Felony, Yukmouth & Sly Boogy that’s gonna’ be a west coast classic.

And when can we expect it to be out?

You can expect the “If U Wanna” single to debut soon. Some time late December. Probably a week or so before Christmas. The album comes out January 11 2011.

The album isn’t that far away, but you are releasing a mixtape before that, right?

The mixtape was released today, December 8th and its called 1.11.11 The Prequel because its a prequel to the album. We’re really branding that January 11 2011 (1.11.11) date. We’re trying to drill that in y’all heads (laughs).

Tell us a little about it. Will the music on the mixtape be similar to the album?

The music on the mixtape is more like a compilation. We have a lot of guests. Some of the songs I just do a hook or I got two other rappers on there with me. It’s an appetizer to the album but Knoc’s Ville is the main course. The album I must say is 10x better than the mixtape.

1.11.11 The Prequel is out now. Check for it on HipHopDX, 2DopeBoyz, Dubcnn, etc.

That was all the questions I had for you. If there’s anything you want to say to those who are reading this, here’s your chance.

Thank you to my fans and sorry I took such a long hiatus. You will not be disappointed with my new album Knoc’s Ville. Look out for “If U Wanna” featuring K-Young to be serviced and released soon. The album will be out January 11 2011. Look out for some new music videos as well.

Thank you for doing this interview with

Thank you.
Lookin forward to his music video with Crooked.

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