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What's Good
Yo....decided to join up here since JBTV is all fucked up with ads n shit and noticed this forum isn't blocked at work Smile

Anyway, been a fan of the whole SH movement and a fan of each indivual artist

I also rap myself...see links in sig
Thanks for dropping through. I appreciate that!
no doubt...whats with teh layout of this place...shit looks so ghetto lol
Nah man this aint ghetto. Effex puts a lot of time and effort into this place. Anyways... welcome.
Welcome, you may think it looks ghetto but at the very least you should find that you can actually have an opinion without having people tell you your opinion is wrong like so many other places on the net!
 Defective Crooked I Robot
Nah i didn't mean any disprespect just the layout seems a lot different than other forums i'm on....and trust meI'm from JBTV where ppl get flamed left right and center lol so i'd be used to it if it happened here
welcome aboard, this is a mission that you wanna abort

Haha jokes, welcome Smile Cant lie, JBTV is decent at best but yeah as of recent its been getting fucked up. Checked out ur youtube channel, not bad not bad

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