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Shout out From Crook!
Holy shit.!/TheRealCrookedI/st...9338852354

That right there would be my new baby brother !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Cant believe Crook just gave a shout out to him at the age of 0 years old !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This moment is guna get treasured

Speaking of which, Anyone else ever get a shout out from Crook

lol someone's toe is sticking out the corner haha

thats cool man kids are the future
  i never got a shout out from crooked but theres plenty people here that have.

yo you should fuck with crook and ask him whether you bro will be graduating from highschool or college when his debut album drops  lols..
lol awwwww

that's ill that he tweeted that.

Crook's a good dude, always showin love back to the fans.
I know i'm late but that's cool that Crooked did that. Crook is a real genuine dude and that's why we all support him. Much respect to Crook and your little brother will definetly cherish that one day. haha

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