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The BrainStormers - Corner Vision (feat. Crooked I) [Lyrics]

As taken from the website :

This track features Slaughterhouse and West Coast veteran Crooked I. This track focuses on hip-hop from the perspective of four individuals. The cuts by Dj Grazzhoppa serve as the entree to the appetizing verses.

    Verse 1 (A.L. Laureate)
    I stand uneven at the bottom of the map
    Should I stop what I’m doing and chase what’s in demand
    I’ll be labeled the man but what good will that do
    Making money off of music that for real it ain’t true//
    People tell me all the time your stuff will never sell
    Cause I talk about life and less about myself
    The chains and the cars had me once lost at sea
    But now I spit rhymes with virtuosity //

    Verse 2 (Crooked I)
    I don’t need an ice chain, just a nice mic game
    And the right frame of mind, to explain my life pain
    I been through enough drama to slice the right vein
    Or do it like Cobain, aim right for the brain//
    But I maintain, and I refrain from sinking
    Game I’m speaking is older than the Ancient Incans
    Main distinction, between me and lames who face extinction
    Is mainly my gangster thinking//
    Concepts never die, though the flesh may
    When it does, it’ll be another Crooked the next day
    Kids listen to everything the best in the West say
    And for me, they’ll hop out busting a SK//
    I’m a leader, who just happens to do hot songs
    I’m a soldier, there’s no hood, I do not roam
    You remember when Death Row made me the heir to Tupac’s throne
    I bounced out to pursue my own//

    Verse 3 (A.L. Laureate)
    In Miami I be rocked by the turbulent waters
    Where the clouds turn grey ready to rain on my parade
    Skill can’t be taught that’s where i got the advantage
    Since others don’t have it rap is in danger of collapsing//
    A whirlpool is formed and Miami is up it
    It’s going down the drain but dudes won’t admit it
    I strive to succeed others trip on the same stone
    Now I choose to make change without drowning in c notes//

    Verse 4 (Praverb the Wyse)
    Va representative, trained to stay discipline
    I’m on my grind, moving that weight, I stay diligent
    A million emcees like me, with the same benefits
    Attacking A & R’s, man we changed militants//
    In the spotlight tonight, we flame infinite
    We avant-garde, y’all stick to that lame fiddling
    I’m hip-hop, combination of pain and deliverance
    Delivering the good news to anybody listening//
    I write from the heart I never fake the passion
    Took a bite from the apple while the snake was laughing
    I love hip-hop; I won’t disgrace the past tense
    Or degrade women, I’m James Bond while rapping//
    Don Juan, while macking, forget it, it’s just me
    Teamed up with A.L., Crooked, and Teddy
    I keep your attention, without a hook or a melody
    All I need is a rhyme book and music that’s heavy (word)//

    Chorus (A.L. Laureate)
    Step up to any corner, you’ll get lost in the center
    The sense of confusion will be all that you remember
    Questions pile up but there’s only one response
    We ready for the world, the lines are now drawn//

    Verse 5 (Cayoz Da Beast)
    Cayoz the name, 21 and still underrated
    Things I’ve experienced left me a bit ill-natured
    At times I was feeling lower than a crustacean
    But through the art of hip-hop I filter frustration//
    And irritation and channel it towards innovation
    No imitation my love for this is genuine
    I’m in to win but don’t get confused I’m not feminine
    Since the age of 15 been holding mics with the best of em//
    I ain’t your average run of the mill with minimal skill
    I’m the Real Deal Holyfield like Wade with the pill
    Man my thoughts are mine alone but why keep em concealed
    When I always got props just to speak what I feel//
    This here is my dream ain’t no time for relaxing
    Real talk this is more than just a skin deep passion
    This here is my dream ain’t no time for relaxing
    Take hip-hop away I bet you'll find me relapsing//

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