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High res wallpapers/
could we get a section/thread with some highres COB/SH/HSG/crooked wall papers, somewhere in the reigion of 1920x1200 to 2560x1600

and the 16:9 ratio of 1920x1080 and 2560x1440
^ second this  8)
whats gud fellas, I made a wallpaper for my twitter profile:

Check it out and tell me what yall think. Feel free to use it but make sure u credit me for it! Im an average dude on photoshop so nothing special lol.

Hey, if someone wants to make some that would be great, I'd have no problem with that.
I started a thread here on TBB a while back, these wallpapers are pretty old. I made these back in the DOC era 03-04.

If i get some time in the future i will make some new ones.

I want some that fits PS3 dimensions perfectly for a wallpaper.

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