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COB Crew Cypher (Video)


God damit this is fire.
Ahh yes, been waiting for this!
*Speechless* Thanks PWT for posting this lyrical massacre.
luciano on that last verse was killin me.. SSUUTTT SSUUTTTT!!
(03-02-2011, 12:04 AM)LTreez link Wrote:luciano on that last verse was killin me.. SSUUTTT SSUUTTTT!!

Yeah man, that verse was hilarious! lol

KareLezz had a dope verse too... fuck it they ALL killed it!

All of them did better than the BET Hip Hop Award cyphers
One-2 & Julius killed it, everybody did, but get a better camera next time
Yeah that was an insane night. I am the one in the background with the COB world order tee and the red cup in my hands. All of the did there thing thats for sure. Luchi went off on both of his parts "dont question me ill snatch your eyes out swallow them whole now inner view me" that line was fuckin dope!!! yall don't sleep on Karelezz either hes a beast. Go grab his mixtape called Westinitis of its pure westcoast fire! I love it when PWT goes nuts and almost breaks Icemans chair that shit was funny you can always expect some crazy shit from PW. all in all great cypher!
Yeah I seen you in the background, lol...

lmao, I'm thinking that a lot of stuff gets broken when PWT's in the house, ha ha
any chance of an offical mp3?

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