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Crooked I - Hard On Da Blvd.
Artist: Crooked I
Song: Hard On Da Blvd.
Produced by:
Appears on: Block Obama Mixtape

I know communications is the key, but i don't like to talk much
I only like me, the streets drove a boss nuts
I can still remember all the blood my homie coughed up
laying on the streets dying, me I'm like aw fuck
I picked him up, he was heavy but i had to hurry up
layed him in my Chevy truck, doing about a steady buck
heaven helped my homeboy, his life is already fucked
mama was crack head, suckin' dick for a pity buck
pops was on Heroin, his childhood set him up
for this very day where he was late cause somebody wet him up
walkin' to the emergency room
my homie losin' consciousness he gone die if he don't get surgery soon
keep him alive, the Doctor sence an urgency looms
for me it's get back we certainly goons
i was there when he flatlined
cause their efforts never revived him
had to tell his mama and his two sons who survived him
can't eat, can't sleep, scrubbing my homies blood off my back seat
gun full of slugs ready to clap heat
matter as my attitude increases
this gat i use get at a dude
the blam'll shatter avenues to pieces
innocent by-standers said you had to lose your nieces
but my nigga's in a coffin rockin patten shoes and creases
Jesus, I really know what beef is
but i also know what turning over a new leaf is
like a caterpillar i need my life re-arranged
music's my cocoon, it's time for a change

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