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New Look - Like/Dislike?
Vote here! No button!
like (but only just)
Please give me some time, I'm not done with the appearance, that will be the last step of the upgrade. Right now, I'm just getting it to work. I'll clean it up, you already know that!
understood boss Smile

otherwise though its very nice. liking the reply box, stands out, just liek the new topics.
Its sucks. It really sucks. Haha. Wink
The sub-boards take up too much room, you have to scroll down just get to the threads on the Crooked I board.

Not a big deal, I'm just a bit lazy.
cant tell the difference tbh,  i notice the moving of layouts and text sizes have changed,  it will take time to get use to,  i look forward to seeing a final final.

anybody here play poker?  i think it would be cool to see a online poker exclusive for the bossboard.  Serves like a chat room also people can pop in and out and play poker.  maybe a music player and people can add music that is hearable to everyone.

just an idea  i'm not exaclty a programmer and i know that thats not easy as like using a microwave or something lol 
So far, I think its dope! Loving the "show new replies to your post"! Awesome feature because i tend to forget/get lazy to look for some threads lol.

I do also like hte poker idea too, not great at it but still would be fun imo
I'll be continuing to tweak it throughout the week, a lot of stuff that needs to be cleaned up. You'll probably see changes over the next few days, let me know what you like or don't like.
looks the same on tapatalk lol

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