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Crooked I Asks Dr. Dre "Where You At?” Talks Tea Party Detractors
Exclusive: One-quarter of the Slaughter explains his motivation for taking aim at Glenn Beck and puts out an A.P.B. on D.R.E.

Cool, thanks for posting
MD$ in less than a month, i don't believe it, not one bit, but it may be possible if E1 sticks a deadline on it within that month, which I sincerely hope they do, I don't care if it feels rushed, he's already got at least 10 albums worth of unreleased material recorded for just this LP alone, after all that's how we got the Slaughterhouse LP, and it didn't feel rushed Smile.
Million Dollar Story coming in August? Can't wait
Didn't see that CZR posted this Interview in here, thanks for using the right section! lol, not always done around here ha ha.

Sick interview though!
That was indeed a great read! Well put article and finally a good interview that doesnt ask, so how do you feel now that your with shady? How did slaughterhouse form? etc lol
HORRIBLE interview! How many times are we going to have the SAME interview with Crooked saying the same stuff???? We independent, we gotta get it right, we don't have big money, blah, blah, blah..........We have been hearing that same verbiage for years now. MDS damn sure ain't coming in August. Please don't get your hopes up, again.

Its nice to have him back on HipHopDX, but I don't need to hear the same interview. The Slaughterhouse part was good though- their 2nd album will VERY good and I am convinced it will come out sooner rather than later.

why is mistah fab on there? i mean he got bars and freestyle skills but i hate his voice man, sounds like for the kids...mds in august believe it when i see this album in my hands.

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