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What's up guys? I'm experimenting with another new feature. It allows you to "Like" a topic. Basically it keeps track of all the people who "Liked" a topic, but clicking the "Like" button. The benefit is that it will show in the message index how many Likes a topic has in total, giving you a better idea of the quality on the post and how helpful it was. Top Liked topics are listed in the Forum Stats section and you can also search for topics based on their Like rating. Finally, topics are logged in your profile. It will list how many times your topics have been Liked, which topics are included and who Liked them.

It's basically like the "Props" and "Diss" feature, but more for the topics themselves. Thought people would find this helpful as when you see Props in your profile, you are not always sure why, but with Liked post you can understand it's meaning.

As always, please share suggestion / comments. Thanks.
Nice! Good work my man!

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