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Trill Talk w/ Crooked I (Interview)
New (kinda) interview w/ Crooked I. It's going back a couple months actually, but just came out.


Quote:Well, this interview comes straight out of the vault (aka it’s from a couple months ago). While Bun B was hosting the Red Bull EmSee Battle in Seattle back in late July, Crooked I was one of the judges alongside Too $hort and Casual.

I could have put ‘Both: [laugh]‘ after almost every line, because we were laughing almost the entire time. Crook is a funny dude! We talked about a lot of things while standing in the back alley behind The Crocodile in Belltown, which is far less sketchy during the day than it is on any given night.

We chopped it up on an array of topics, including a possible third installment to the Block Obama series, his solo album The Million Dollar Story as well as Slaughterhouse’s album, being the originator of the weekly release–yeah he was doing that way before Kanye’s G.O.O.D. Fridays and Swizz Beatz’s Monster Mondays–and the layers of hiphop, which is purposely vague to entice you to read it, so…read away!

Julie: Thank you for standing in this back alley for this interview!

Crooked I: You know, kinda shifty, sketchy back here, but you know…

J: Imagine it at nighttime!

Both: [laugh]

J: 2012 is next year–will there be a third installment of The Block Obama?

C: Wooooow. Ummmmm… might be.

J: Yeah?

C: Depending on if, you know, he wins the presidency. Nobody wants to name something after a loser.

Both: [laugh]

J: I know!

C: What would I name it? Romney? Nah I won’t. The Block Romney. That might not do too well.

J: I noticed that one of your lines was you likening the unity of Obama to you being like the New West unifier between like backpack rappers, gangsta rappers, and stuff.

C: Right.

J: So, do you feel like today, hiphop is more unified than a few years ago?

C: Yep, I do. Because if you notice, you don’t see many beefs, you know what I mean?

J: Right.

C: With the technology that we have now, there’s a greater potential for beef. You can just go on somebody’s Facebook, slam them, go on Twitter, post a video clip of yourself on Youtube, slamming somebody that you never met. I think we’re doing pretty good right now! It’s always room for improvement, but we’re doing pretty good. I like where we’re at.

J: Yeah. So Million Dollar Story…

C: Yep.

J: Is that coming out soon?

C: Yeah, I’m actually putting the finishing touches on it, mixing it, getting it right. I just released a video called “Every Day” from it, I did another one called “Million Dollar Story,” the title track, the next video will be called “Drum Murdered” featuring my group Horseshoe Gang.

J: Ok.

C: So yeah, I’m pushing that. I’m not one of those guys that are so big on when it’s gotta come out. I’m more for the feel, like, you know, give the people a few songs here and there, a few videos, and the people will tell me when it should come out. So that’s what I’m doing right now.

J: Will you be working with like DJ Premier, The Alchemist, DJ Khalil, or is that a surprise?

C: I got DJ Khalil, yeah I got The Alchemist, there’s a couple surprises on there. But shouts outs to both of them dudes, they’re both great. As a matter of fact, with the Slaughterhouse album, Alchemist just brought a retarded beat–no disrespect to that community…

J: I am not politically correct.

C: Ok, cool. A retardgilous ass beat… [ed. note: I rewound that a bunch of times and the phonetic spelling is re-tar-ji-lous]

Both: [laugh]

C: You know…nah, it was it, it was it. I love working with them dudes, but yeah, we got some surprises on Million Dollar Story, we definitely got some surprises on the Slaughterhouse album, it’s going to be a good 2012.

J: Yeah?

C: Yeah.

J: When you guys are making the Slaughterhouse album this time around, does it kind of have the same feeling as the EP when you guys were just having a bunch of fun making it?

C: Yeah, we definitely have a bunch of fun making it. But now, we got Eminem in there with us…

[Too $hort enters the alley]

Too $hort: What’s up?

C: What’s up OG?

T: I see you, I see you. We gonna get it in tonight!

C: Yes, yes.

[Turns back to me]

C: Um…yeah. Especially with Em around…

J: Yeah.

C: Because Em, you know, he has a crazy, sick sense of humor.

Both: [laugh]

C: As you can probably tell when you listen to his music, so no telling what he’s going to say, you know what I’m saying? He’s my dude. So, it’s fun. We having a lot of fun, and the album is sounding at least three to four times better than the last one. So, I’m just excited about it, man. I just got back from Detroit, so we were out there working on it. Beautiful. It’s a beautiful situation. Shady!

Both: [laugh]

J: As the father, so to speak, of the weekly song release…

C: Alright…

J: How do you…

C: You did your homework, huh?!

J: Hell yeah!

C: Oooooooh.

J: How do you feel…with everyone else copying you? Are they doing a good job?

C: It’s ok. They’re doing a great job. I always wanted to set a trend in hiphop…

J: Right.

C: …I didn’t know what trend that would be. But then when I set it, it was a good feeling. I always thought I would get paid off it, though. I ain’t get shit.

J: Aw man!

C: Nah but you know, I did get paid. It was just not monetary, it was more…fans, appreciation, and things like that, which is always good.

J: That’s so cool that people were able to request songs and stuff. Anyway, one last question since we’re approaching that time…

C: I’m sorry…

J: No no no no–

C: I just jumped off a plane,

J: No…

C: I got to go to my hotel…

J: No, it’s ok! I really appreciate you even taking this time to talk to me! So I read that in like ‘09 you said 87% of the music being released right now is garbage.

C: Yeah.

J: How do you feel about that today? Same number?

C: Um, I don’t think so. I think music is getting a lot better, it’s just that the layers, though. You got different layers in hiphop. You got an underground layer, an almost famous layer, a famous layer, and a super famous layer. You know in the underground, you can always find dope shit. Always.

J: Yeah.

C: In the almost famous layer, you still gonna find dope shit. That’s before you get corrupted. In the famous layer, you gonna find a bunch of bullshit.

Both: [laugh]

C: You know what I’m saying? It’s going to be rare when somebody’s still gonna be keeping it real. And then in the super famous layer, believe it or not, you find good shit in there! Because think about it; Kanye, Jay-Z, Eminem, you know what I’m saying? It’s good shit in the super famous layer! We just gotta get that famous layer together.

J: Yeah! What’s up with that?

C: Maybe that’s why they won’t become super famous.

Both: [laugh]

J: Are there any artists who you’re excited about right now, the up and coming end?

C: Right now…Jay Rock. I want to hear Jay Rock’s album. Kendrick Lamar.

J: Cause I was like thinking of them when I thought of this questions.

C: Yeah! You know what I’m saying. Those dudes, my group, the Horseshoe Gang, they really spit. They’re still paying their dues right now, but when those dues are paid, people are gonna really recognize how good those dudes are. And that’s basically it. I’m just looking, really looking to see what’s going to happen with this battle tonight.

J: I know, right?!

C: Looks like there is some animosity in there.

J: I’ve heard that, too!

C: Yeah I’m not mad, though. You know? Bring it.

J: Yeah definitely.

C: Bring it. I can’t wait. I want somebody to just massacre somebody.

J: I know! Sometimes, beef is kind of fun.

C: Yeah, as long as we keep it right there on the stage!

J: Right.

C: Just keep it on the stage. If you get your ass handed to you, just walk away. You live to see another day, learn from the experience, you know, I love it. I can’t wait. I’m not giving nobody no brownie points so they better not say no lies, or my name in it and think that’s gonna help them out. Nope. Didn’t help me when I was battling.

Both: [laugh]

J: Well I’m excited for tonight! And again, thank you!

C: Thank you. Pleasure to meet you.

J: Nice to meet you as well!

C: I’ll see you tonight, right.

J: Ok, yeah.
(09-29-2011, 06:29 PM)EFFeX link Wrote:
Quote:C: So yeah, I'm pushing that. I'm not one of those guys that are so big on when it's gotta come out. I'm more for the feel, like, you know, give the people a few songs here and there, a few videos, and the people will tell me when it should come out. So that's what I'm doing right now.
B.O.S.S./Boss Muzik should've dropped in '06/'07, MD$ should've dropped on 3/22/11, but I guess it'll be worth the wait, so long as he actually goes through with the release, and E1 puts the same distribution budget on MD$ as they did Slaughterhouse's first LP.
Cool interview i guess. Pretty funny when he said that he'll let the people tell him when the album should come out...the people have been telling him for 5 years, it doesn't seem to be working. Haha
(09-29-2011, 08:10 PM)509 Finest link Wrote:Cool interview i guess. Pretty funny when he said that he'll let the people tell him when the album should come out...the people have been telling him for 5 years, it doesn't seem to be working. Haha
I think by "people" he means more of a mass group of fans need to say when it should come out, something beyond just his fans on Boss Board.

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