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Article links in RSS feeds broken
Hey effex just thought I'd give you a heads up.
when i try access the link to an rss feed from this site it always fails..

I think the reason is that the hyperlink in the rss feed is missing the the ".php" extension..
e.g. an article hyperlink ends up going to something that looks like this:

To be perfectly honest, I haven't checked it in a LONG time. I know at one point it did work, because I used to test it. I'll definitely look into it though. Probably something real quick. Sorry about that, I'll fix it though.

Next time I post up and article, you should see them coming in correctly. Thanks again for the heads up!
thanks Effex...
It will now be a tad bit quicker for me to get to the articles from rss  Smile
Just wanted to update you, it appears to be fixed now after posting the new story. Thanks again for letting me know.

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