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Crooked I Talks Rock The Bells w/ Hip Hop DX (04/09/09)
When the Rock The Bells line-up was announced, many were surprised to hear some of the names on the roster. One name HipHopDX told you would be on it actually was [click to read]. Slaughterhouse will be at this year's Rock The Bells. During the recent launch party for the festival, Crooked I spoke to DX about what he has planned for the event.

"On behalf of the Slaughterhouse...We gon' tear some shit the fuck up on Rock The Bells! You know why? This is our first chance to show the whole country what we're working with. We showed them what we was working with on the Internet and now it's time to show 'em on the ground level."

When I reminded him of their performance at this year's Paid Dues Festival, he said that was just prologue to what they are about to do with Rock The Bells.

"Paid Dues was like the mashed potatoes and the gravy. This Rock The Bells shit is like the steak! ...We gon' get busy! On my reputation, we gonna get busy!"

Crooked also let us know that his goal is to be known as the greatest to ever rock a mic and added that people will see him as that once he sets foot on the Rock The Bells stage.

"My whole thing is this: I love my guys. They love me. I'm not gonna all the way speak for them because they are men and they have their own opinions and views. As far as Crooked I goes, though, when I get off Rock The Bells, I will be known as one of the best rappers ever! And if they got a problem with it, tell 'em to go holla at Mos Def because me and him on the same page right now," he added, noting a recent video clip that features Mos Def saying he'd battle Jay-Z, Lil Wayne. and all other competitors.

Slaughterhouse will be joined by a slew of other performers for this show, including Nas and Damian Marley as Distant Relatives, The Roots, Common, Big Boi, Psycho Realm, Evidence, Alchemist, M.O.P. and more as we previously reported [click to read].
Thanks for the post homie!
Crooked sounding like a complete idiot :Smile
When is this actuall concert? Is anybody here going i can't even go i live in uk plus i got exams next month so i cant even fly over there.
It's a tour.  I think 10 weeks in 10 US cities.  I know it's coming to DC and i will be there!!!
Thats kewl. Now i wish I live in the U.s.
Damn hope to see them in the European Tour...
(04-10-2009, 01:29 AM)alphabet link Wrote: Crooked sounding like a complete idiot :Smile

You mind elaborating on that opinion homie, your more then entitled to that opinion and I wouldn't be surprised if when you explained why I agreed...I wouldn't say he sounds like an idiot but I would say he sounds a lil overly optimistic about being known as the worlds greatest rapper( not that he isn't) I just can't see him or slaughterhouse as a whole getting that much exposure from this tour...I mean yah anyone who goes in person, is very susceptible to becoming a fan, but I don't see him showing up all over the radio and tv because of this which means the average fan still won't regard him as the Greatest rapper alive, that will go to some other undeserving rapper unfortunately 
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