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Crooked I Interview w/ The Smoking Section (04/10/09)
speaking of BOSS, where is it? we got one leak and now 2 weeks later we have nothing?
It's been more than 2 weeks since "I'm Still A MC" dropped, been almost a month.
mmm oh yeah, sorry was thinking of If You ever HEar me. lol
(04-11-2009, 05:31 AM)alphabet link Wrote: Cool interview. This was obviously done a while ago so I wonder what his plans for BOSS are now?

Well it was done at some point in March..I wouldn't call it that old, it's from after he had already said that it was coming out track by track and he makes no note of it being done any other way...At this point I don't even care it's obvious from that interview that Crook sees the material as dated and wants something more current in stores and is merely releasing this since it's good material that his fans will enjoy and will undoubtedly earn him a few new fans...I just wish he would hurry up and start leaking a track a week!
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Quote: link=topic=712.msg254189#msg254189 date=1239451178]
mmm oh yeah, sorry was thinking of If You ever HEar me. lol

Yeah "If You Ever Hear Me" isn't a B.O.S.S. track, that's from his Sway & Tech project...

BTW: ehbunner, it's "Dominick Wickliffe" with no "t".
You know crook says hes bothered about his death row material being released by some gaylord from his bedroom onto his website well there is a way u can track the guys I.P ADDRESS. all you have to do is find a computer geek and pay him some cash to do it. Im sure crooked is willing to spend some money to stop the tracks being released!
Sweet read thanks.
(04-11-2009, 11:33 AM)EFFeX link Wrote: BTW: ehbunner, it's "Dominick Wickliffe" with no "t".

Haha so they completely fucked it up two times in the same interview lol nice
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