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Crooked I & Sway Interview - No Country For Old Men (04-14-09)

Quote:As many fans already know, the collaboration project between Crooked I, Bishop Lamont and Glasses Malone titled "No Country For Old Men" has officially been put on hold. Although this news has been circulating since the near-tragic shooting incident, MTV revealed additional footage from Crooked I's interview with Sway that provides confirmation. In the interview Crooked I explains that the "Men" refers to "mentality" and believes that there is no room on the West Coast for old industry practices. He states that the established artists such as Snoop Dogg, Dr Dre and Ice Cube do not reach out to the "New West" and wanted to make certain that fans are on notice. However, with all that being said, Crooked I believes that the time is not right to drop such a project. After the emcee nearly lost his life in a shooting incident, he has re-evaluated his approach. Crooked I explains that he would not want "No Country For Old Men" to be the last collection of music he leaves on Earth. He wishes for his legacy to be larger than life and match the work of Hip Hop's legends. Crooked I certainly proves that he is ready to make such a transition with his latest opus "If You Ever Hear Me". The song is from his upcoming collaboration project with King Tech titled "Group Therapy" and explores Crooked I's new approach on life. Fans should fully understand where Crooked I is coming from and should support this decision. To get a better grasp on this issue, please visit to watch the newly revealed footage in full.

These goombas are holding out on this interview big time. How much more is there..
Has anyone on here got crooked i - game for sale mp3 plz (effex) lol
got to and download the "Death Row Collection" by Crooked I, its in there, and so its a lot of other good DR Crooked.
(04-14-2009, 12:55 PM)DALJ link Wrote: Has anyone on here got crooked i - game for sale mp3 plz (effex) lol

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