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Slaughterhouse feat. Eminem - "Throw That"
As the days inch closer to the release date of Slaughterhouse‘s album welcome to: OUR HOUSE, one of the most anticipate tracks, “Throw That” featuring Eminem, is released leaked. Produced by T-Minus.

woah! hit!
It's definitely a catchy song but Em and SH should be making classic songs, not ringtone rap.

I'm buying the album regardless of the commercial leaks that we've heard recently, but I'm not counting on this album to be better than their debut album, or the mixtape for that matter.

I duno. I just see this song as a wasted Em feature. They should be making deep and introspective, real hip-hop when Em is spitting on the track with them.
No comment.
this is definitely em's fault.
Not the kinda song I wanna hear but can't deny Slaughter and Em did a good job on it.
Welcome to my recycle bin. Holy shit.
Yeah not really my type of song but they did make it good enough that I can listen without skipping

it is what it is

which is that it's eminem's fault, he has final say on what makes it, he obviously felt they needed that kind of track and maybe he's right I'm sure alot of eminem fans will give the track a listen and maybe like what they hear from SH and check out their other stuff and hopefully a % of them like real hip hop and like SH when they hear how they usually sound
 Defective Crooked I Robot
you guys should be happy for Slaughterhouse and especially crooked, who has been in the game for ages without a commercial success. This is gonna be a hit, and you guys should be glad that they finally will have a chance to reach the masses. Fuck that real hip hop shit. You have already got loads of that from them/him.

Watch this track tear up the charts!
^ exactly my nigguh, this is a hit CROOKED ... its all techno music today this will fit in forsure and its gangster whats not to like

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