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Media player
EFFeX, any chance the media player within posts on the news section could be updated to support iPad/iPhone.  I use them more than my computer and I'm sure other people must experience this issue too. Would be really useful to preview things on the go before finally getting home to download them.

Currently it says "Your browser does not accept our media player"
Yeah. This should not be a problem as most people are on smart phones these days. I have no objections. Give me a couple of days though.
Thanks, really appreciate u taking the idea on board and implementing it EFFeX.
(09-07-2012, 02:09 PM)Murph link Wrote:Thanks, really appreciate u taking the idea on board and implementing it EFFeX.

That's no problem. I will work on it this weekend.
Alright, it took long enough, but I finally enabled this feature for the "Lite" page. It may not be completely retroactive though. Basically, previous news articles that include a media player MAY not display properly or at all. Going forward they should be fine though. Additionally, I enabled the music player in news articles (not the music page, that's still in progress). Again, this may not be retroactive. I'm going to be testing it in the coming days. If you run into any issues, please let me know, but be patient as I work to get them resolved. Thanks!
kickin ass as always...good job on the site
(10-31-2012, 02:13 AM)A-List Media link Wrote:kickin ass as always...good job on the site

Appreciate that. Every time I work on it, I keep spotting stuff that really needs work.

I'm really hoping to do some appearance updates going into the new year, perhaps some new graphics and a revised layout. Trying to keep it fresh. I'll keep everyone informed.

Thanks for the continued support!
Completely forgot about this EFFeX, thanks for remembering and getting back to it. I haven't seen any difference on my iPad though. I've just checked Crook's new freestyle via the news section and it still says "your browser does not accept our media player". Also, forgive me for being dumb but what is the "Lite" page?!
There is a link on the bottom of the page to our stripped down version of the site for phones / tables -

Does your iPad have Adobe Flash on it? I'll look into it further.
I see, never noticed the the mobile friendly version before.

No, iPad's/iPhone's don't run Flash. Steve Jobs was adamant that his products would not run it on mobile devices as he believed it was too power hungry, hard to code for and that HTML 5 was the new standard for the future

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