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Joell Ortiz - "Feel So Good"
Joell Ortiz - Feel So Good
damn this makes me wish Eminem had cut off Rescue Me and Throw That and added one song with them all rapping for 6-7 minutes with little to no hook!  imagine this with Crook Royce and Joey

another thing i wished is that Crooked had went to Eminem with his Psalm beats and asked Eminem if SH should rap over the "roll call 2" beat

that beat owns anything on the SH album and i'm starting to love the SH album (most of it)

imagien if they left Bad Lucc on because of his diss to Nick Cannon aka guy who Eminem hates
Been repeating this non stop. Yeah for the slaughters its lyrics>beats but this track right here is a perfect example of why i always stress a dope beat is EXTREMELY IMPORTANT even if the lyrics are out of this world. Old track or not, this beat is so refreshing, yaaooowaaaaaaaa
the only songs ive been playing BESIDES the new SH cd + mixtape are Crooked's "blow the horns" with Quiz and some old Wake Up Show tapes

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