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New to the BossBoard, SSUTTx2 Fellow COBSTAS!
Sup yall,

New to the BossBoard. Life's been nuts....but true bosses know to G.A.N.G. Up, Stay Low, make that dough...been on my Grind. Earnin what I've lost...finally.

Chillin in the pacific NW. Retired Veteran. I've been through a lot in life. We all got our'd be surprised at mine. Been locked up couple years, been married/divorced, been in the Army- Airborne Infantry...Paratrooper...Fire team Leader. WIA / OEF. Lost an eye...i put COB on my prosthetic. No joke.

WEST COAST BLOOD IN MY VEINS, Born in the ghetto of the 619....and raised in the West coast / SoCal /PNW- Seattle, always....been all over the world- and always come back home to the west. In my blood...Just love it. It's home, nothin to explain. Yall kno. Been bottom to the top, earning my way back to where I was at....But you'll never see me give up.

Been listening to underground mostly, forever, many genres of music, I study it- not for fame, just cuz i enjoy it...been writing over a decade, etc. Feel free to ask. Always looking to collaborate with aspiring artists.

Showin respect for the bosses....the thugs, goons, real G's, cobstas, fellow vets, you serve? Honorably? You're a vet in my book, the end. Always got yo backs...Yeah, I'm Psalm82:6 type of Real Nigga....yafeel? I try to be humble...Honorable...always try to help people. When shit's rough that's when ya gotta Grind like no other...Gang up and never stop...dont lose your way, stay in the game...Stay up, vets, brothers, sisters, Cobstas. Glad to be on the Bossboard. Happy to introduce myself....

I am who I am, and proud of it. You don't like how I do it?

Oh, and ConiYac da X.O. ? Flyest female ever. Minaj and those bitches wish they could be that fine and spit verses that sick....haha.....ConiYac just DAMN. For real tho anyone feel me on that?

COB or NOTHIN. Ssuttx2!
What's good homie? Thanks for signing up to the forum and sharing your story with us. Thanks for representing the movement so hard! #COB
Thx for the welcome,

The movement's bigger than Music....people ask "What is COB?" ... I just say, "Homies know the meaning..."  8)

Lookin forward to networking w/ similar minds all over the world. Site is pretty sick so far.

"We believe in each other...."

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