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We REALLY NEED a General C.O.B. Projects Page.
We really need a faster, easier, and way more convenient way to download C.O.B. mixtapes, find out general info as well as learn about new album releases from C.O.B. artists in general, other than our only option of searching through the C.O.B. Discussion Forum and it's Multimedia Sub-Board, like we can already do with the Slaughterhouse, Treacherous Records, HSG, & Crooked I Project Pages.

Because I know I'm not the only one who's just now finding out about old projects from artists who are signed to C.O.B. Music Group, for example Karelezz had a mixtape in 2008 called "Westinitis" which was put out by C.O.B. or that Coniyac dropped a mixtape in 2007 called "Yacville (Rules of Engagement)" that I also believe was put out by C.O.B. but I'm not sure, as well as finding out about new C.O.B artists who actually been signed to C.O.B Music Group for quite a while like Young Los who released a mixtape under C.O.B. last year but I like alot of other just found out about this dude a few weeks ago on C.O.B. Radio.

The issue with this is not many people who are new to the B.O.S.S Board are gonna want to search through the C.O.B. Discussion forum and it's Multimedia Sub-Board just to learn about projects from C.O.B. artists other than HSG, let alone to discover new dope, but extremely under-promoted C.O.B. artists to add to their rotation, because it's not easy to do that, and many people aren't gonna have motivation to do the same thing, when their hard drive fails in some way, just to find that one thread that contains a link (that might even be dead) to that dope project from a damn near unknown C.O.B. artist, because the thread got eclipsed by a multitude of threads HSG releases.

I'm suggesting this now because this issue is only to get worse as time goes, and if we do it now it'll be a lessened workload on both EFFeX and the moderators that goes into the start-up of a General C.O.B. Projects page, even though it's a monumental amount now.
I agree that the projects page could use some improvements

I'd like to be able to click on a link that says COB and then have a list of all affiliates and set them up similar to the Horseshoe Gang and Crooked Pages and Ideally have all the free music that you have permission to post have d/l links and list the projects that are available to purchase with a link to buy it

Also I'm probably alone in this but I kinda feel like HSG deserve their own sub-forum

As you said most of the topics in the COB sub-forum are about HSG giving them their own section would make the COB section more about the artists we don't hear as much about

 Defective Crooked I Robot
I don't mind doing it at all... It's something I have wanted to do for a long time. I agree though, I want to keep HSG on a separate page - at least for now.

The only problem with this whole concept is that I'd need some assistance compiling a list of official COB projects. Then of course it comes down to getting my hands on them. Does anyone want to start a list in this thread?

Oh, by the way, I'd like to keep it projects that were release since these guys linked up with COB, not before. I will list retail projects too, but not download links to them.

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