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Slaughterhouse To Perform In The UK (August, 2013)

[Image: 9d7q.jpg]

Quote:After recording brand new music for their upcoming album, Slaughterhouse has announced their plans to spend the summer performing on stage in the United Kingdom. On August 18th, the four-headed monster will perform live at London's "The Garage". Additionally, the group will hit the stage at Manchester's "Gorilla" on August 20th. Fans should act quickly as tickets for both shows are now on sale and are expected to sell out.

If you are interested in attending either one of these events, please be sure to visit the links included below. In the mean time, keep it locked for additional news on upcoming Slaughterhouse shows.

London -

Manchester -
At the London one right now! Waiting for mic righteous!
That's what's up! I hope you have a good time!
Show was a bit shorter than I expected but was still awesome. Support act Mic Righteous was pretty good, dude definitely has skills but I think it was difficult to enjoy it as much as I could've as I didn't know any of his songs.

Classics from the first album were played and they're the ones which I think get the crowd goig the most. Was good to hear some other songs from Welcome To Our House aswell as the usual My Life and Hammer Dance and also All On Me from On The House. Liked that they performed snippets of songs that were from there home cities too (Joell - Juicy, Joe - Hip Hop Hooray, Crooked - Hail Mary and Royce - Lose Yourself)

Also, Crook performed No Sleep Gang which I wasn't too fond of at first but it sounded amazing live.

All in all 9/10
Crooked I signed my shirt on headphones. Got a high 5 as well!  Better than their first show here,  and mic righteous  was much better than smiler who opened in the first act.  Mic is a great artist. Been to his shows as well, and his energy is insane!

Brilliant show and agreed 100% about no sleep gang.  Don't like the song but it's a club banger

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