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Looking for old crooked interview/freestyle
Ok it's been a minute since I've been to the forums but I have a request and would like to see if anyone can come up with anything. Now there is an old crooked interview I want to say that it's from his row days because I believe he was rockin the cornrows in the interview. He is sitting on a black
Leather couch and I want to say dice dinero is sitting next to him crook was wearing a white t in the video.

I remember seeing this back in 04 when I was first getting
Into crooked I and have not been able to find it since I remember he had a super dope
Freestyle or two at the end of the video. I know it's a long shot from my description but maybe someone has something in their vaults maybe you effex?
not sure if this is the one, but it kinda fits your description...
Yea that's the one! Good looking out but links don't work on my end
crook is the best

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