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Who is Xcellent?
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Who Is Xcellent??

Xcellent is a Artist like none other. Witty, lyrical content full of life liberty
and the pusuit of happiness.  He's an artist that represent the struggle as well as the glorification of making it out!! 
With so many dreams deferred this here is an example of an artist who's time is sure to come!!

This Here Is An Unofficial Xcellent Compilation Including His New Material
From Him And His Best Material Up To Date That Aren't On Any Official Tape.
To All who Don't Know Who Xcellent Is, He's A Rapper From Cincinnati, Ohio
He's Known For Killing Every Song He's On With His Hot Verses, Spitting
Fire Like No Other Artist In The Game Today.
Please Do Not Under Estimate Him.
You've Been Warned Because He Is A Beast.
This Is Not For Everyone, If You Like Soft Pop Music Please Click Off,
This Is For Real Hip Hop Fans Who Appreciate A Rapper Trynna Make A Name For Himself,
With His Unbelievable Flow And Message The World Needs To Know Of Xcellent
So Please Let The People Know About Him, Because They've All
Been Missing Out On One Of The Best Rapper's To Ever Grab
The Mic In This New Generation
Check out My music
Haha and he's humble too

No offense you're not a bad rapper but there is something off putting about someone singing their own praises like that. You're also not doing yourself any favors saying you are spitting fire verses like no other on a Crooked I and Horseshoe Gang forum. You've instantly put yourself in big shoes to fill, that based on the two songs I listened to(Tomorrow and Thinking out loud) didn't live up to the level of hype you set. If you didn't set the bar so high for yourself then maybe your music would have been able to stand on it's own merit but by making that statement you have to surpass them.

Hopefully you don't take this as hate and realize I'm just giving you my honest first reactions with a little constructive criticism, let your music speak for it's self and find a better way to make a name for yourself.  The music is fine, not to the level you are hyping it but that paragraph may work better on a forum for less lyrical artists IDK.

  Anyway keep on your grind, keep making music, keep improving and hopefully your fanbase grows and you find success in what you want to do in life.

Also, in the off chance I chose the two songs you feel are your worst, then please do post what you consider your best work and if it's got someone else on it let me know what time your verse starts so I'm listening to the correct person
 Defective Crooked I Robot
SPECTACULAR WORDPLAY you claim. "Spitting Fire Like No Other Artist In The Game Today" Those are some bold statements right there. As EHBunner suggests - saying things like that on a Crook/HSG forum you need to be backing that up. Good luck to you with the rapping but you should just put the music out there for others to make their own judgement. I listened to RIPPED IT and you definitely didn't. It sounds like you record the lyrics on your phone as it sounds very muffled. I thought I'd listen to a couple more to give you the benefit of the doubt but I couldn't get past the first minute of most of them. I don't mean to sound harsh I am just giving my opinion. Some good beat choices however.

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