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Crooked I - Culture VI Interview (05/15/09)

Quote:Culture VI has finally released their highly anticipated interview with Crooked I. Interestingly enough, the actual interview runs longer than two hours, but they have decided to release the footage in sections. Each section of the interview will be presented on a different Hip Hop web site. At this point in time, we have only had a chance to review the HipHopGame footage. The interview itself could be considered more of a "chilling session" as both the interviewer and Crooked I have a drink and joke around. Once the interview does get started, we learn that they are covering the Death Row Records topic first. Unfortunately, that's a topic that die-hard Crooked I fans are already well aware of and have moved past. However, it's always nice to have Crooked I refresh us on his perspective of the whole situation. Hopefully, the additional footage that will appear on OnSmash and WorldStarHipHop will cover more recent topics. It is important to note that although this interview has been released today, it is actually over a month old now. This means that some of the information could be slightly outdated, but hopefully it is all still relevant. Make sure to check out the following link to view part one and stay tuned for further installments which should drop throughout the weekend.

It looks tight! but shit!
That was a dope interview. Culture VI >>>
all i can say crooked still being tht real dude hes been since he got in this game
Just a heads up, part two should be available on Monday.
Where's part 2?  >Sad
(05-21-2009, 02:20 AM)alphabet link Wrote: Where's part 2?  >Sad

I talked to him (interviewer) yesterday, he said that part 2 will probably be available on RealTalkNY today.
Sweet!  This is one of the best Crooked interviews I've seen.  Culture VI always delivers!

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