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Pre-order Bishop Lamont "The Reformation" out August 19th
Head over to:

[Image: large.jpg?1467740210]

1. Intro - Then You Die (Feat. Mot)
2. Found My Way Out (Feat. Lord Finesse & Liz Rodrigues Of The New Royales)
3. The Heretic (Feat. Empress Selassie)
4. The Realest Shit (Feat. Ras Kass & Bo-Key Loc)
5. Shoot Em Up (Feat. Caps & Prius Gang)
6. Crazy (Feat. Stat Quo)
7. Life Or Death (Feat. X-Zibit & RBX)
8. Lord In Heaven (Feat. Kobe Killa)
9. Razor Blade (Feat. Warren G & Kokane)
10. Here We Go Again (Feat. Kennedy & Willie B)
11. Are You Ready (Feat. Rapper Pooh, Focus..., Wyann Vaughn & Ram Dass)
12. Lost (Feat. Sinead White)
13. Dream Big (Feat. Sinead White)
14. The F Word (Feat. Dee Brown, Mike Anthony & Dave NY)
15. Speak To Me (Feat. Angie Fisher)
16. Devil In My Way (Feat. Daniel Seef & Lauren Pardini)
17. Phoenix (Feat. Shaun Morgan of Seether)
18. Un-American (Feat. Ryu & Apathy)
19. Outro
This album leaked over the weekend and is pretty fucking dope!

Definitely worth checking out imo for westcoast hiphop.. not many artists left I support, Bishop is one of those dudes despite his hiatus
Those who pledged money to the project received a link to download it on August 19th, a week ahead of the official release date, as a thank you for their support. And someone leaked it. Those of you who want to hear it should go to and pre-order it. The digital download is just $10 and you get acess to the download link right away.

This is contender for album of the year. Banging beats (many by DJ Khalil, Focus...), dope lyrics and great features by Warren G, Kokane, Stat Quo, Ras Kass, Xzibit, RBX and more.

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