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Seven13 music
I've purchased 4 vinyls off of Seven13 over a month ago now and still cannot get ahold of anyone in this company for any questions or to inquire about my tracking number.  The only forum of contact on Seven13 website is a phone number which hasn't been answered in about a week now. The irony of crookeds lyrics talking about not supporting hip hop and downloading your favourite artist is a 2 way street if you don't want me downloading it for free then ship my products when I pay for them. Anyone know any contact info on Seven13 or Tony Bucher

Same issue here. I've ordered like 3 times and eventually received my orders after a long time. Latest one was the HSG 4 Brothers album which arrived damaged. They told me they would ship one copy to make up for it. I had ordered 4 albums in their $5 sale in September and that order I never received. No response to emails or on Twitter. They must have gone bust.
I had an issue with my Horseshoe Gang "4 Brothers" CD arriving damaged as well, but after contacting Tony at Seven13 the issue was quickly resolved.

I was pretty sure there was a contact form somewhere on their website, but I can't seem to find it:

I'm going to try to find a contact for you. Did you try reaching out to the HSG directly on Twitter, those guys are pretty hands on with their fans, they might be able to help you, no?
Thanks EFFeX appreciate it. My biggest issue is unrelated to Horseshoe Gang though as I did receive my order, even though damaged. My problem is with that other order I placed in September in their $5 sale which still hasn't arrived and I can't get an answer about.
Thanks Effex I'll give it a shot I've pretty much chalked this up to a lose tho. Tony has the worst business etiquette I've ever experienced and I'm just shocked that people do business with him. Be leery about Seven13
It's now the fourth email I am sending. Still no response. Many seem to be complaining whether it is on HSG's Facebook page or on Twitter about missing merch and albums they still haven't received. The Seven13 twitter account shows no activity since October. It's like they disappeared and the website sells CDs for $1 now. This is just too dodgy.
got my 4 brothers CD but did not get my 2 vinyls on a different order  - they are scammers, had to dispute with bank and then found out many others have had the same issue with them.  they don't reply.
Sorry about never getting back to you guys about this, I see that their website is down at this time and showing that a new one is coming soon. I don't have any new info on this, I really apologize and feel terrible that you guys had a negative experience. In the event that I get some concrete updates I'll let everyone know.
I'm like the others on here. I pretty much take it as a loss... Many flagged them to the authorities for fraud I know. I am thinking of doing the same and I'm not sure I can dispute the transaction with my credit card company.
Update, after cutting my losses I found a new website 22 entertainment which Anthony Bucher runs, I was able to get ahold of him by email on August 14 to which he replied I'm traveling for business this week but send me your order info and I'll look into this for you. I don't think he expected it to be an order from almost a year ago and since that response they've gone dark. Just like seven13 I wouldn't do business with 22 entertainment, it's unfortunate that this smuk is still in business

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