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NinjaVideo Podcast With Crooked I (05/31/09)

its about 45 mins long, im listening to it now, i will comment when i finish.
he confirms that last week he went to NY and made a SH album in 7 days
he says they want a summer july release, but he is saying realistically its an august release.
at age 16 he smoke 16 joints and after that, he didnt smoke another joint again.
SH are hitting NY in june 5th and they are having a SH promo week, hitting a different club a day and recording a video!
apparently they are doing an EP called Pig Face Weapon Waist which is 6 brand new songs, which is sceduled for july, and  the album will come after (called SH)
Budden is broadcasting live now he's almost 3 hours into it and said it should be July 7th cause the label wants it to coincide with Rock The Bells.
hes saying after SH is Group Therapy, and then in 2010 Q1 B.O.S.S.

Yeah, I'm going to give this a listen shortly, this Budden broadcast is pretty tight.
was mostly them shooting the shit. the interviewer was high lol.

i shall watch the budden now.


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