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Dope KXNG Crooked interview w/ Bomb1st
Talks music recorded before and during Tha Row days, upcoming projects including new HSG album they just finished recording and more:
Nice, going to check this out now!
It’s more like a Q&A really but this is probably one of the best ones I’ve heard in a while with Crooked. There are quite some stories around the Row days I had not heard before. Like when he said the compilation that came out on WideAwake was not too far from what Say Hi to the Bad Guy would have been like and what the cover art for the album would have been like with the picnic table and all - below screen cap from his Instagram is the cover

[Image: A7659202_644_B_40_DA_9_CA2_03_B55_BCB8490.jpg]
It sucks because I remember there being a REALLY clear image of that cover art back in the day. Of course I didn't save it because... who knew the album would never drop? lol.
I’m sure someone has it and it will resurface at some point. Judging from this Q&A there is still a ton of unheard Crooked I music from the Row days, but really if you compare the overall quality of the music on that Hoodstar album and some of the new generation songs that came out on WideAwake you can understand why Suge was hesitant to put it out. While still good it was nowhere near the quality of the Dre/Snoop/DPG/2Pac era music...

Somewhere else in the Q&A he mentions this album he recorded in one day that he is going to put out, I think it’s just called Verses and then the group project he is doing with U Gang, Family Business. I’m already hyped for that one.
good bro going to check it right now it will be good thank you brother

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