Tuesday, July 16, 2019
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KXNG Crooked – “Good” (Week 20)

It has now been twenty full weeks and KXNG Crooked's historical series The Weeklies is still going strong. Now, as we moved into the...

KXNG Crooked – “Storm” (Week 19)

On Week 19 of The Weeklies, KXNG Crooked and produced Dizz team up for another installment of the long running series that has Hip...

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The Calm Before The Storm

KXNG Crooked – “The Calm Before The Storm” (Week 18)

Better late than never, and we apologize for the delay, but KXNG Crooked returned last week with the 18th installment of his ever so...

KXNG Crooked – “Party” (Week 16)

KXNG Crooked is back at it with another edition of his popular series, The Weeklys. Now, as we approach the 5 month mark, the Long Beach veteran...
Live 4 It

KXNG Crooked – “Live 4 It” (Week 15)

KXNG Crooked marches forward with his latest installment of The Weeklys series as he continues to rock out over re-imagined instrumentals from Hip Hop's biggest records. On...
More Love

KXNG Crooked – “More Love” (Week 14)

After the tragic passing of rap legend Nipsey Hussle last week, fans across the globe continue to mourn as not only a great musician...
Go Crazy

KXNG Crooked – “Go Crazy” (Week 13)

KXNG Crooked is back with Week 13 of his popular The Weeklys series and this time around he's taking it straight to the strip...
Fresh Ink

Family Bvsiness – “Fresh Ink” EP

After a brief hiatus, the Hip Hop super-group consisting of KXNG Crooked and his brothers the Horseshoe Gang, have returned with a brand new...
Glock Away

KXNG Crooked – “Glock Away” (Week 12)

Apologetically, we are back after a slight hiatus to bring to you the latest installment from KXNG Crooked's popular The Weeklys series. Now, after...
KXNG Crooked - The Weeklys Vol 1

KXNG Crooked – “The Weeklys Vol. 1” (Mixtape)

Back in January, KXNG Crooked re-launched his historical Hip Hop Weekly series which is now simply known as The Weeklys. After three successful months,...
Pain Away

KXNG Crooked – “Pain Away” (Week 10)

It has now been ten weeks since KXNG Crooked re-launched the Hip Hop Weekly series, which is now simply known as The Weeklys, and...
Jewel Emoji

KXNG Crooked – “Jewel Emoji” (Week 9)

It is now the third month of KXNG Crooked's The Weeklys series and the boss is keeping it moving as he rocks out over...

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KXNG Crooked – “Good” (Week 20)

It has now been twenty full weeks and KXNG Crooked's historical series The Weeklies is...
FreeFree Freestyle

Family Bvsiness – “FreeFree (FEFE Freestyle)”

After blessing fans with a brand new music video to their popular single Welcome to...

Family Bvsiness – “Familia”

As previously announced, KXNG Crooked and the Horseshoe Gang have officially come together to form...