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Imperial (2014)


1) 5 Shots
2) Gangbanging Ain't Neva Died
3) Absolutely No Reason
4) Name Brands
5) No Time
6) F@ck That Shit
7) Ready
8) Likes feat. Horseshoe Gang
9) Crippin
10) Lost Homies
11) Actavis
12) Niqle Niqle Nine feat. Fashawn
13) She Know That feat. K-Young
14) Standing in No Line
15) Freaky feat. Sparc
16) What Would You Do (Interlude)
17) High Horse
18) Won't Say Nothing
19) Imperialism feat. Crooked I
20) The Get Back

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Music Videos

* = Cameo Appearance

-Circle Of Bosses feat. Horseshoe Gang, ConiYac, Iceman, One-2, Ro Mahdi, P.W.T., Big Pho, Sauce Tha Boss, Niqle Nut, Tim West and KareLezz - COB Cypher 2013
-Niqle Nut - Activis
-Niqle Nut - Check Freestyle
-Niqle Nut - Gangbanging Ain't Neva Died
-Niqle Nut - Hollywood (Freestyle)
-Niqle Nut - Imperialism feat. KXNG CROOKED
-Niqle Nut - Inglez
-Niqle Nut - Niqle Niqle Nine feat. Fashawn
-Niqle Nut - No Time
-Niqle Nut - Nothin' To Something feat. Alcodaman
-Niqle Nut - OG Bobby Johnson (Freestyle)
-Niqle Nut - Won't Say Nothing

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